Seanol Nubonax Premium 

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Seanol Nubonax Premium

Welcome to the Science of Marine Oligomeric Polyphenol

Dieckol Inhibits Replication of SARS-Coronavirus.
A study found that eckols isolated from Ecklonia cava potently inhibits 
SARS-CoV 3CLpro,an enzyme needed for all coronaviruses to replicate.


Seanol Nubonax Premium
Origin of MOP
MOP is an edible brown algae extract which is rich in special class of health-promoting oligomeric polyphenols.
Seanol®, extracted from brown algae, is the only globally authorized marine oligomeric polyphenols 
(MOPs). MOPs in Seanol® have shown extraordinary bioactivities that are needed for optimal
 stem-cell activation for spontaneous healing: Lowers cellular stress, enhances cellular energy flow, 
activates healthy cellular metabolism.

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